How to get more engagement on your Instagram profile

How to get more engagement on your Instagram profile

It’s Time to Reframe How You Think About Instagram Engagement

Instagram is one of the best places to reach your target audience and build a community of engaged fans. 

But knowing how well your content is resonating can feel like a bit of a challenge. Especially when there’s more than one way to measure your engagement. 

Since Instagram started to hide likes, it’s harder to gauge what content performs best. While you can see how many likes your posts get, your followers can’t, so there’s no bias in getting a double-tap on a post just because it looks like a popular content. 

Increase Instagram Engagement: Understanding engagement

Today brands need to look further into their performance metrics and track comments, saves, Instagram Stories views, shares, and even DMs to understand how their content performed. 

So with a shift in how we measure engagement, it’s only natural that we change how we try to improve engagement on our feeds. It’s not just about likes anymore — Instagram engagement is going to become a lot more holistic in 2020! 

To help you improve your Instagram strategy, we’re sharing our best strategic tips to boosting engagement on your posts, videos and stories.

And to get you started, here they are in a nutshell — Later’s top 11 ways to increase Instagram engagement in 2020: 

  1. Create “savable” content for your feed
  2. Start conversations with Instagram Stories stickers
  3. Regularly test & analyze new content types
  4. Add an element of fun
  5. Encourage Instagram Stories shares
  6. Open up about your brand and business
  7. Write longer captions
  8. Share data your audience will love
  9. Create more video content for your grid
  10. Schedule your Instagram Stories to get more views
  11. Pay closer attention to your hashtags

Ready to jump in and start improving your engagement in 2020!